Tuesday, November 14, 2017

FDMEE - Dynamic Hierarchy Data Maps

The Business Case:

You need to set up Dynamic Data Maps based on a hierarchy in a given dimension like Cost Center or Entity (i.e. if the level 0 member value is a descendant of a given parent map it, otherwise IGNORE). 

The Problem:

Oracle doesn’t provide any documentation for how to read hierarchies to provide this type of dynamic mapping.  The hierarchies are in FDMEE as you can see from the selection box:

…but, how are you supposed to use the hierarchy in the mapping?

A Solution:

Well, this took a bit of trial and error within the FDMEE repository, but turns out, you can query the fully qualified path in the “AIF_TARGET_APPL_DIMENSIONS” table with a SQL Script in your data maps.  It’s actually quite straight forward with some nested queries.

Navigate to the Data Load Mapping and access the “LIKE” maps for the dimension you need.  Add 2 rows (at a minimum…  You can always add more).  The first one will be the SQL script, and the second one will be a default of “IGNORE”:

The idea here is that if we don’t map it with our script, we don’t want to load it to the Target Application.

Select the Pencil on our “#SQL” mapping line to add the CASE statement:

You’ll notice that we are doing some additional lookups for the Application ID and Dimension_ID in order to sync up with the correct hierarchy. 

I will note, that you will need to be careful with the Upper Level member “Like” characters if you have a lot of shared members.  You can add items there to make sure you are only searching your primary hierarchy.

It’s as simple as that…  Tack on an automated “REFRESH MEMBERS” function, and you are off to the races with your automation and dynamic hierarchy maps.

Hope this is helpful to you and good luck!


  1. Hi,
    I'm pleased to say this also works in the Cloud!

    Many Thanks

    1. Awesome to know! Thanks Mark!

      Best Regards,

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    I've been using this for the last few months and it works really well. thanks
    I'm now trying to use it on a dimension with shared members and I cant get it work.
    I have a Geo dim, with a Primary and a Stat hierarchy, each hierarchy has the same level 0 members, I'm trying to ascertain if the member is in the Primary Hierarchy under a GLOBAL parent then map to a specific account. Do you have any pointers to get this logic to work?
    Kind REgards

    1. Sorry for the late reply Stuart. Hopefully, you've been able to figure this out since your post... I would suggest changing the "like" command to include the primary global parent AND the additional one like:


      like '%GLOBAL_PARENT%UpperLevelParent%' THEN UD1


      like '%Alt_Parent%UpperLevelParent%' THEN xxxx

      Best Regards,